At first glance, it would be natural to expect that Yankees to be active in exploring the deep class of Autonomous Agent shortstops this winter. Once they bite the bullet and officially move out Gleyber Torres outside of shortstop, their need for position became explicit. Outlook Antoine Volpe and Oswald Peraza impressed enough, however, that the Yanks could choose a short-term bridge option pending further development of their youngsters, suggests Andy Martino from

Andrelton Simmons might do the trick as a short term option. The Yankees have tried to acquire Simmons on the trade deadline, Martino notes, and they could again be replaced with a defensive advantage that could complement Torres’ skills in the middle. Yankees fans might dream a little bigger, considering Simmons’ .223 / .283 / .274 line on 451 appearances on the plateau with the Twins.

Martino also suggests Marcus Semien as a potential short-term option, given his now proven ability to play at second base, if they want to make room for Volpe or Peraza when they’re ready. There seems to be a bit more competition for Semien’s services after another MVP-caliber year. The Yankees, of course, can afford to compete with anyone, and they’re one of the few prime teams with a clear need for a shortstop.

In terms of potential competition, Tigers could upgrade the shortstop, making Niko Goodrum a super-utility player as they seek to turn the page of their rebuilding. The Nationals can do the same with Alcide Escobar, and they have money to spend if they want an immediate replacement for Trea turner. The Orioles don’t have a clear long-term short-term solution, but they may not be willing to spend significantly on free agency.

There are plenty of other teams out there that could prevent a star shortstop from simply falling into the Yankees’ lap. The Blue jays will have to replace Semien if they don’t bring him back. The angels and As could both upgrade. Going off the beaten track, the Philly could push for a shortstop, given Didi Gregorylow year and their obvious desire to compete. There might even be more teams looking for a short-term option like Simmons than there are clubs with the unerring intention of pursuing the Correa / Seager / Story / Baez / Semien / Taylor free agent class. Either way, the Yankees should be players somewhere in the market this winter.

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