Addressing the fact that the ID Buzz won’t be offered to US buyers until 2024, he said the company wants to start immediately with the long-wheelbase version, which won’t be available until late 2023.

“Then there are still US-specific features that need to be developed,” he added. “We also want to secure the market launch in Europe and enter the market with really relevant unit numbers. Then we will also be ready to produce the American version in Hannover.

Krause said that while Europe is seen as ID Buzz’s top market by volume, he predicted ID Buzz sales in the United States could reach similar levels.

“Our strategy is to offer ID Buzz in all markets where our MEB vehicles are also offered by VW passenger cars,” Krause said.

“It corresponds to the idea of ​​the ID family. And in addition, we can imagine additional markets on which we would then approach market entry as the spearhead of the Group.

Krause said he could also imagine a standalone version of ID Buzz, called ID Buzz AD, for the Chinese market, and added that the company is also working on mobility and transportation concepts for the Chinese market.

In 2025, a fleet of robotic shuttles is set to enter service through Moia, the VW-owned carpooling service, starting in Hamburg and later expanding to other European and US cities.

Krause said he can envision additional fleet operators through agreements with mobility partners, not only in passenger transport, but also in freight transport with driverless delivery vehicles.

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