Understand Direct Consumer Credit

Those who have already bought a product in installments in several installments have already used the Direct Consumer Credit (CDC). Understand how this credit is made available by financial institutions and what the advantages are.

What is Direct Consumer Credit?

What is Direct Consumer Credit?

It is a credit made available by financial institutions, banks and department stores. Term purchases on the credit card may also be considered CDC. The reason for the existence of this modality is to give the right to own a property without having to pay its full value at the time of purchase.

This type of credit is considered one of the simplest to obtain, being used in several types of loans, but is usually more common in the acquisition of goods, such as vehicles.

One of its advantages is that installments are added to interest whose rates are lower than overdrafts or credit cards. The fees vary according to the financial institution and can be consulted on the website of the Central Bank.

Direct Consumer Credit (CDC) is also offered within a bank service package, as a pre-approved, immediate and non-bureaucratic loan option for those with stable incomes.

The use of direct consumer credit is more common than imagined.

What are the prerequisites for hiring a CDC?

What are the prerequisites for hiring a CDC?

To contract the credit you must present some documents, which are:

  • RG;
  • CPF;
  • Proof of address;
  • Proof of income;
  • No restrictions.

Remembering that each institution has its prerequisites, so check before you hire.

What are the advantages and disadvantages?


When applying for a CDC you can count on different modalities, according to your interests. In addition, money is quick and easy, as compared to other forms of credit, the CDC is a way to get money without so much paperwork, thus being simpler to achieve.

The credit offered is also quite flexible as it offers several payment options and you can schedule yourself for the monthly expenses, and install the loan in up to 60 times.


One of the disadvantages is the collection of IOF (Tax on Financial Transactions), where the financed asset will serve as collateral for the loan and will be taken by the financial institution if the debtor does not pay the installments.

In addition, you need to keep an organized and well-planned budget to honor your benefits.

With the correct documents it is easy to request the CDC.

Is it worth hiring a CDC?


 Is it worth hiring a CDC?


In Direct Consumer Credit it is possible to anticipate as many installments as you want, paying less interest, because if the payment term is anticipated, interest will be deducted from the installments.

In the modality also there is no minimum amount of parcels, that is, you can opt for one or even two parcels, if you wish. Only in the case of Leasing that installments are accepted only from 24 months.

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