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Two totalitarian ideologies work to limit our freedoms and control our daily lives.

First, Russia and China follow “national socialism”, which is territorial and economic. Putin’s political theorist Alexander Dugin in “The World-Island’s Last War: The Geopolitics of Contemporary Russia” affirms Russia’s right to a Eurasian Empire, including Ukraine and the former sphere of Soviet influence. Natural gas supplies control Europe and oil and fertilizers elsewhere.

China seeks world dominance through economic superiority – the lure of a large commercial market for business, critical manufacturing supply chains and raw material constraints, currently hoarding rare earth minerals for batteries and grain for food supply.

Both exert influence over foreign government officials through an “elite capture” scheme – offering preferential salaries and financial deals through government-controlled corporations. Peter Schweizer presents evidence in “Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win.” Consider: Aid to Ukraine is continually given too little too late; Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan has been given over to Russia and China.

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The second, “global socialism”, is international and financial, orchestrated by Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum which meets in Davos, Switzerland, as he explains in “COVID-19: The Great Reset” and ” The Great Narrative for a better future.” A transnational government and corporate elite decide economic policy, then exert control over their respective populations through an ESG (environment, social, corporate governance) score assigned by bureaucrats to businesses and individuals.

Financial services companies, under the guise of risk, are now withholding or granting prohibitively priced mortgages and business loans and insurance to those with too low an ESG score, including policy dissenters. For example, Canada froze the assets of truckers participating in the Freedom Convoy to protest COVID warrants.

Biden’s Executive Order 14030, “US Climate-Related Financial Risk,” formalizes the use of ESG in that country. Twenty state legislatures are considering laws against the use of ESG scores. Glenn Beck explains in “The Great Reset: Joe Biden and the rise of 21st Century Fascism”.

Both ideologies demand a “central bank digital currency” to control their populations. Currently in the United States, an electronic funds transfer system handles payroll and credit card payments. In contrast, with digital currency, all financial transactions take place through a central computer.

The government will have complete control over what you buy, from snacks to gasoline to guns. If the bureaucrats decide that you are overweight or in carbon violation or political opposition, they can program the computer to block any billing done for those items.

Biden’s March 9 executive order, “Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets,” “encourages the Federal Reserve to continue its research, development, and evaluation efforts for a U.S. CBDC” and, bowing to the Great Reset, “prioritizes U.S. participation in multi-country experimentation. Already, “Project Hamilton” is underway: a collaborative research project between MIT and the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston “to study the technical feasibility” of a US digital currency.

China already has a digital currency, and the World Economic Forum offers a “Toolkit for Central Bank Digital Currency Policymakers.”

Great Reset supporters take advantage of crises to implement their totalitarian goals. COVID has provided an opportunity to institute mandates that restrict individual freedoms. The objections, however scientifically based, were labeled as misinformation and provided the excuse for instituting global censorship. Any opposing political opinion is labeled as racist and socially condemned. Environmentalism encourages regulations that restrict freedom and determine corporate operations. Any opposition constitutes an insurrection of national terrorists after January 6th.

Great Reset supporters created an inflationary crisis to induce citizens to seek help from the government and instill dependence and allegiance to the government. Every product or service we buy has a built-in energy cost, requiring electricity through natural gas and oil to manufacture, grow, store and transport. Increase the prices of oil and natural gas and you increase the cost of living.

Under the guise of environmentalism, Biden has subverted our energy independence by restricting leases on government lands, reinstating tough permit requirements that make exploration and extraction prohibitively expensive on the vast majority of lands . In addition, he stopped the construction or repair of pipelines. This results in higher gasoline and natural gas prices, as well as food and grocery prices.

Many on the left think they are part of the Great Reset elite, but they are not. They must recognize that they are being used before they too are enslaved by measures they helped put in place. Before it’s too late, reach out to your members of Congress to oppose the adoption of a digital currency and reach out to your state legislators to pass legislation banning the use of ESG in your state.

Skaff is a retired director of policy analysis for a political organization in Washington, DC. He lives in Roanoke County.

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