The city council of Salinas has entered into an agreement with Republic Services on the transport and disposal of solid waste.

A new agreement between the city and the services of the Republic will bring the city into compliance with Senate Bill 1383, a state obligation aimed at combating greenhouse gases. Some residents will see the new agreement increase garage billing. No letter was sent to residents, but a notice of agreement was made public in mid-September.

“The franchise agreements we currently have are not really enough. [address] It’s also important to recognize that all of these issues are interrelated, like the Rubik’s Cube puzzle, because of the many issues that have arisen recently, ”said Brian Furs, Senior Engineer at Salinas. to augment.

Republic Services pays the city $ 7.4 million. The distribution of payments is as follows.

  • Franchise Fee: $ 5,753,900
  • City street sweeping costs: $ 870,000
  • Vehicle road impact costs: $ 500,000
  • AB 939 Support: $ 200,000
  • Franchise contract management fees: $ 100,000

Some of the goals are to pass regulations to reduce organic waste going to landfills by 75% by 2025 and to reduce methane emissions from livestock and dairy manure management operations.

It is the city’s responsibility to ensure that requirements are met by coordinating efforts with contracted waste haulers and assigning relevant roles and responsibilities.

“One of the tasks given to Mayor Culligan to take office in January was to close the deal,” said Mayor Kimberly Craig. “We’re stuck… what we haven’t been able to do in the last 20 years has been done here in the first nine months (of Culligan). ”

Another part of this plan is to close the Sun Street transfer station and move to Madison Lane. According to public works director David Jacobs, the installation of outdoor garbage cans is currently disrupting Alisal’s dynamism program.

“There are smells and other things associated with the transfer station, which is basically in the middle of our Alisol animation planning area for redevelopment,” he said. “When I was there, I didn’t come to town because a lot of people, a lot of investment, didn’t want to be placed next to an outside transfer station.

The new deal will also increase the price of garbage collection in residential and commercial areas by 9%.

That’s an increase of $ 2.17 per month in residential areas and about $ 39 per month in commercial areas. Jacobs has yet to hear any negative comments, but he expects him to hear from residents when they start receiving their first bill for a new amount.

Customers can look forward to the next upgrade with this new transaction.

  • New container
  • Expanding awareness and education
  • New electric truck
  • More Republic Services staff
  • Relation to the city

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