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Ansuna Sach, a Gaana podcast by paranormal investigator Jay Alani, took home the title of Best Horror Show 2020, within six months of its airing. The episodes are audio narratives based on Alani’s experiences investigating haunted places. “The first episode of Ansuna Sach aired in June and the first season has 18 episodes. In each episode, I spoke of a different place but they are absolutely not scripted, ”says Alani.

In the first episode titled The Lost Cremation Ground, Alani focuses on a cremation site that was once a site for the last rites of animals. The dance of the angels speaks of Khaint Parvat located at a height of 13,000, where the angels dance every night. The Haunted Church of Guha is where Alani pursues the ghost of a child who is believed to be living in a church in Madhya Pradesh. Another episode is on Sector 9, Dwarka, which breaks the myth of a lady wandering around a tree, in a white sari.

On winning the best show title, Alani says that maybe listening and engagement were the main criteria. “My show generated over 12 million audience minutes and is still among the top 10 Hindi shows on the platform. Even my first podcast, Paranormal Reality, was a huge success. I never expected so much love for a podcast in India.

Alani, however, does not see himself as a storyteller. “There are a lot of great storytellers. I am simply presenting what I study with what I felt while doing it. Maybe that’s why I connect with listeners, ”shares Alani, who had an accident while investigating a site in Kausani, Uttarakhand in October. “I had ankle surgery. As soon as I start to walk, I will leave for my next survey, so that the season can be ready by March, ”he adds.

Next on the Cards is a paranormal investigative documentary series starring Brut India and Ansuna Sach Season 2 with 16 episodes. “My second book should be released this year. I’m also making a film called The Eldritch, based on one of my surveys and produced by the Delhi-based production company Harikrit Films. I play the main role in the film. I will also be directing a horror series, but I cannot reveal the details yet, and many more are planned for 2021. “

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