With the addition of Juneteenth, there are 11 federal holidays. The other federal holidays are: New Years Day, Martin Luther King Jr.’s Day, President’s Day (President George Washington’s birthday), Remembrance Day, Independence Day, work, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

Although some staff council members expressed that they saw the county as an extension of the state, Rien said the lawyer disagreed; the county is a separate political subdivision.

“Most of you know my take on the story,” Harris said, questioning the need to add another holiday for county employees, “and that’s – when is it is enough, enough? “

Harris said: “As we’ve known since I’ve been here anyway, we’ve had Christmas Eve at least once, if not twice; the President’s funeral, which we ended with a paid holiday.”

Harris said federal and state employees receive more vacation than those employed in banks. According to the Federal Reserve, it recognizes the same 11 public holidays recognized at the federal level. Juneteenth is one of those vacations. Banks are not required to be closed on holidays designated by the US Federal Reserve, but generally they are.

In advising commissioners, Eubanks said she may amend the commissioners manual, removing references to holidays and Nebraska law. Harris said he would propose amending the manual at a future meeting so that commissioners control the vacations they feel employees should be on time off.

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