The President of the Center for Human Rights and Social Justice, Adeniyi Alimi, has urged the Federal Government to address the issues of inhumane treatment of Nigerians by expatriate employers in the country.

He specifically said the activities of expatriate employers at the Port of Tincan Island should be investigated, urging the government to devise modalities to tackle unnecessary harassment of citizens by outsiders.

Alimi noted that it is timely for the Minister of Labor and Productivity, Dr. Chris Ngige and other relevant government agencies to investigate the abuses of Nigerians and their basic human rights as well as the monumental fraud taking place in the country’s seaports.

He recalled the sad developments which involved a certain Daniel Akemo, who was allegedly sacked in 2018 and a certain Mr. Amos Fasanya, who was allegedly arbitrarily disengaged from the employment of Tin-Can Island Container Terminal Limited (TICT) on December 31 2021, on the grounds of his taking a stand against the atrocities committed by certain expatriates of the company.

Alimi disapproved of the organization’s way and approach to terminating Fasanya’s employment, noting that if the government refused to do the necessary, the group would have no choice but to picket some of the companies involved. .

Fasanya, a former TICT invoices manager, had cried out at how his former employer arbitrarily terminated his employment without resorting to applicable employment and labor laws and international best practices applicable in Nigeria. .

Fasanya, who had worked for the company for 15 years, alleged that his disengagement from the service was caused by his meeting with an expatriate, an Indian national, one Pawan Kapur, commercial director of the company, who had inflicted racial discrimination and abuse against him.

Recounting his ordeal, Fasanya recalled that in 2018, a TICT client, identified as an ex-Nigerian international footballer, approached him for a trade waiver and removal of an invoice relating to a shipment.

According to him: “After confirming that he was an ex-international, I offered to assist him. As I inquired what the contents of the container were, I was told that it was artificial football turf for use in the development of rural football in his community. I immediately took an interest in it and took it to the sales manager, who could handle it. As we walked into the Indian manager’s office, he shouted, “Get out, get out of my office, you black man, you black monkey.” I asked the ex-international to stay out and went back to his office to ask him what happened because he also drove clients to my office with no problem? »

Fasanya said the whole incident infuriated him, a development that almost prompted him to take an unfortunate step. He said that so far the Indian manager who was brought to the company in his presence has not apologized or shown remorse for his unconscionable actions.

He further alleged that sources within the company confided to him that the continued and forceful Indian domination of the company was aimed at relieving Nigerians of their duties.

He called on the federal government to investigate the activities of foreign nationals and companies where labor issues and conditions of service are not met, as outlined in relevant national labor laws.

A letter made available to The Guardian and signed by the managing director of Tin-Can Island Container Terminal Limited reads in part: “We refer to our previous discussion of the restructuring of the business due to economic factors and we are writing to invite you to a meeting. with the management of the company in the offices of MM. Foundation Chambers at Architects Place, 2 Idowu Taylor Street, Victoria Island, Lagos on Thursday 16 December 2021 at 11 a.m. The purpose of the interview is to discuss the terms of your withdrawal from the company. You may want to attend the meeting with your attorney.

Reacting to the allegation against the organization, the company’s HR director, Mr Raphael Ugbe, said the company is not a racist organization and will not support anyone, no matter how high up. to promote racism.

Ugbe slammed Fasanya’s claim that he was fired due to alleged racial issues he had with one of the expatriates, but declined to elaborate on the reason for the dismissal.