QUINCY, Mass .– (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Granite Telecommunications, LLC, a leading provider of communications solutions to businesses and government agencies in North America, announced the extension of its existing wholesale trade agreements with an ILEC until mid-2026 and the other ILEC until 2024.

Granite, who pioneered the “one-stop-shop communications solutions” model, has been a leader in helping small businesses and Fortune 100 companies grow and develop. The extended wholesale agreements will benefit the many businesses and government agencies that have ongoing needs for legacy TDM services. Some TDM users operate equipment or processes – like FAA radar systems, elevator systems, or vault alarms – that were designed to work on TDM and are difficult to reconfigure or replace. Other TDM users plan to migrate to IP for leased lines, but currently lack the capital and time to organize and execute an IP transition. Still others have rural or other areas where coaxial cable or fiber does not make economic sense and TDM over copper continues to provide acceptable service for the right price. Granite recognizes that companies and government entities sometimes have to work on different timelines to deploy new technologies.

“Granite’s long-standing relationship with these ILECs has provided tremendous value over the years, especially to our customers, who have entrusted us with essential network connections that drive growth and job creation,” said Rob Hale , President and CEO of Granite. “While IP solutions are clearly the future, we don’t believe that removing proven, cost-effective TDM connections is the right answer for every business in every location. We believe in giving customers options, not ultimatums. ”

For business entities and government agencies looking for next-generation technologies, Granite has become an industry innovation leader. Earlier this year, Granite completed the acquisition of EPIK, a patented and trusted device that supports many features and functionality that IP devices typically cannot handle. Granite also offers customers a range of other POTS replacements, including voice over cable services in partnership with major cable companies, hosted IP solutions, wireless options as well as fiber IP services, including those provided to the help from new generation ILEC networks.

About granite

Granite provides one-stop communication solutions to multi-site businesses and government agencies in the United States and Canada. The $ 1.65 billion company serves more than two-thirds of Fortune 100 companies in the United States and manages 1.75 million voice and data lines. Granite was launched in 2002 and has grown rapidly helping businesses simplify the provisioning and management of local and long distance telephone service with one point of contact and one bill for all of their locations nationwide. . Today, Granite is the leader in Simple Telephone Service Aggregation (POTS) and has extended its unique value proposition – “one business, one contact, one bill” – to include a range of business communication services. advanced, including Internet access, SD-WAN, wireless WAN, hosted PBX, SIP trunking, mobile voice and data, mobile device management, managed security, network integration and more. Granite employs more than 2,400 people at its headquarters in Quincy, Mass., And in nine regional offices nationwide. For more information, visit www.granitenet.com.

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