A fire and flood restoration company is suing a northern airline for payment for work done in Fort Simpson.

Commercial-NDS says it owes $100,974.57 — plus $12,880.48 in interest as of March 10 — for restoration and construction work on Wolverine Air’s Fort Simpson property.

The lawsuit, filed in the Supreme Court of the Northwest Territories, demonstrates the lingering fallout from the historic spring 2021 floods in the Dehcho region of the territory. Millions of dollars have been spent on cleanup in multiple communities.


According to the lawsuit, Commercial-NDS performed work on Wolverine Air’s flood-damaged property.

The lawsuit alleges that while Wolverine Air received money from an insurer to pay for the work, Commercial-NDS has received nothing since invoicing the charter airline in June 2021.

In emails between Commercial-NDS and Wolverine Air filed with the court, the catering company says the project was “a very expensive job”. Wolverine Air, however, questioned the associated costs.

“I’m actually trying to justify a 100,000 bridge on a 60,000 building,” read an email from the airline. “I did not sign off on this. If the insurance has approved the amount, I suggest you go to the insurance department. If not, justify the cost of this invoice as there was no other repair work done other than the bridge.


Commercial-NDS responded that it does not provide quotes or firm rates on emergency work – adding that even if the airline’s insurance company has approved the work, the airline is responsible for payment.

Commercial-NDS says it has yet to formally notify Wolverine Air of the lawsuit and claims airline staff evaded its attempts to do so.

The catering company is considering asking the court to allow email notification.

Reached by phone on Friday, a Wolverine Air representative declined to comment.