A new traffic light, rebuilt curbs, and new pavement markings and signage are in the future for the 7100 block of 120 St., courtesy of the City of Delta and the City’s new cost-sharing agreement. city ​​of Surrey.

Discussed in a closed session at a recent Delta council meeting, city politicians approved the cost-sharing agreement that will support safe crossing for pedestrians and vehicles wishing to access commercial buildings on either side of 120and St., which is the jurisdictional boundary between the two municipalities.

A 2020 road safety review concluded that a traffic light was warranted at this location, and now Delta will offer $230,356 to meet half the cost, less the value of TransLink grant funding and the ICBC.

The design of the project has already been completed and Surrey expects to begin construction soon. Surrey will include Delta in the final site inspection and commissioning of the signal, reads a report from Delta staff.

“This agreement does not address the future maintenance or operation of any of the road sign works. [City of Delta and City of Surrey] will enter into an inter-municipal maintenance agreement, which will address matters related to the future maintenance and operation of the traffic sign works and related improvements at this location,” reads the cost-sharing agreement. “Until an inter-municipal maintenance agreement is signed in relation to the traffic sign works, Surrey will be responsible for maintenance and operation…and will charge Delta 50% of the cost.”