President Biden took the opportunity on Tuesday to tout his administration’s Covid relief plan, the US bailout, adopted a year ago this week, during his State of the Union remarks.

He boasted that “unlike the $2 trillion tax cut passed by the previous administration that benefited the wealthiest 1% of Americans, the American Bailout – the American Bailout helped workers – and left no one behind. »

Biden’s line and sweep of tax cut legislation from his predecessor, former President Trump, prompted the first audible boos of the night, as some lawmakers gathered in the House chamber showed their frustration with the president’s comments.

He went on to criticize “trickle down” economics, which he said “has led to weaker economic growth, lower wages, bigger deficits and a widening gap between those at the top and all the others in nearly a century”.

“Listen, Vice President Harris and I ran for office — and I recognize we have fundamental disagreements on this — with a new economic vision for America,” Biden said, departing from prepared remarks. to acknowledge the partisan divide in the chamber, before circling back to his administration’s infrastructure bill, passed with a narrow bipartisan majority.

“That’s why it was so important to pass the bipartisan infrastructure act, and I thank my Republican friends who have come together to invest and rebuild America, the biggest investment in history,” Biden said. . “It was a bipartisan effort, and I want to thank the members of both parties who worked to make this happen.”